2015- Our Year in Reveiw

30 Nov

Coomera Anglican College Visual Art Department has had such an amazing year! We have been fortunate enough to have International artists like Leisa Russell, Seabastion Toast and Midge Johansen. We have also had in our suppliers in for Wax, Resin and Painting workshops and visited GOMA throughout the year. Our highlight of the year would be the opening of our College Prayer garden early this year and constructing a Pin Wheel garden to celebrate our 20 Year Anniversary. The Year Nine Art students will install this early next year. A splash of colour for 2016.

We have had outstanding results with our Year 12 Art students. Congratulations to Jenna Nortje who received a VHA 8. Joshua van Rooyen, Frances Golding, Holly Spencer, Alice Vincini, Molly Morgan, Kayla Wass, Catherine Mendoza, Elliot Plunkett, Jacob Ryan, Alexandra Willis and Raquel Begni- all receiving VHA’S & HA’S. Wow. We are so very proud of our talented Year 12 Art Students.

Visual Art 2015

  • Year 10 & 11 Adobe Illustrator Vector work shop with Kat Cameron
  • UrbanARK Art Exhibition, Helensvale Community Centre (Garrick Hinrichsen Yr 10, Hot Glue Gun sculpture
  • 2016 College Art Show “UNEartTHED”
  • ENERGIES 2016 Gold Coast City Gallery
  • ENERGIES Immersion Day
  • Creative Generations Excellence Awards in Visual Arts
  • Year 10 Leisa Russell Workshop
  • Year 9 Seabastion Toast Workshop
  • Year 9 Art Service Program- Friends With Dignity
  • Year 11 School Art Supplies Workshop



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